Definition of Protection In terms, the notion of protection is an attempt to protect a certain thing.

Key activities are the most important activities in your business. The main activity is usually an activity that produces a product or service. An example of a photocopying business, the main activity is to make copies (duplication) of documents. Other activities such as laminating, printer services, binding, selling stationery and others.

This key resource is a condition that must be met or a resource that we must have to carry out our main business activities. If we lose this key resource, our business will most likely not be able to run.

Key Partnership This business model canvas element serves to organize the flow of goods or other services in your business. The key partner positions are useful for the efficiency and effectiveness of the key activities that have been made. There is nothing wrong with establishing good relationships to create a business cycle in accordance with expectations. To fill in this block, you must make a list of important tasks and activities. To fill it, you can use suppliers and partners to make the business model work. There are usually 3 reasons for creating a partnership, for example economies of scale, risk and uncertainty reduction, as well as the acquisition of resources or activities

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