Create Cloudflare App


This is a starter project for building a Cloudflare App with Babel (for the latest ES features), ESLint, and Prettier (for keeping things clean).

Download this app and replace our code any time you want to build an Cloudflare app.


Cloudflare DNS

Your Cloudflare App can configure the DNS Records of any domain on Cloudflare.


Fork and clone the repo or download the latest release.

Install the dependencies with yarn install then build the project with yarn build (or npm run build).

alt text

Next, navigate to our App Creator and upload your project directory.

alt text

The App Creator will update automatically on file changes (Chrome only). Once you’re done testing, press Create App to submit your app for moderation. Refer to our Terms of Use for more information.


Other Interesting Scripts

The project uses yarn-run-all which makes it easy to run tasks in series or parallel using yarn or npm.



This is where all the installer options are added for the app.

Use the DNS field to configure Cloudflare DNS Records. If you don’t want to configure DNS, just delete this field.


This is where the magic happens. Your app starts here.


Write your app styles here.


Put your icons, tile images, and screenshots to be used in your Cloudflare Apps page here.

Download media-templates.sketch


Simple Webpack 4 config using Babel and CSS Loader. Please refrain from modifying the config to minify your built code.


The Cloudflare developer documentation for examples and API usage.