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What is source code

The source code is the programming behind any webpage, or software. In case of websites, this code can be viewed by anyone using various tools, even your web browser itself. However, this is a little difficult on Android and iOS phones.

For troubleshooting most problems with a website, it is essential to look at its source code. You can also see any website's source code for educational purposes, and see how it works. However, we advise not to copy the code for your own website, unless explicitly allowed, as that may infringe on the developer's or website owner's copyright.

Visitor Testimonials

"A website's source code is one of the first things you check if it appears to be hacked or acting odd. View Page Source makes this step fast and simple. Love it."

Gary Lomas Testimonial

Gary Lomas

Cyber Security Expert

"My work involves web design, nothing too technical. But there are times when you find an inspirational design and wonder how they did it. I use this amazing source code viewer to download such pages and learn new ways of displaying content"

Wendy Peters Testimonial

Wendy Peters

Web Designer

"I use View Page Source to check the websites I create, just to make sure they work as intended. Highly recommended for any sort of web development."

Harold Jay Testimonial

Harold Jay

Web Developer